About vShare Application That is Commonly Used

about vshare

vShare App Description

vshare is an excellent market-type application with which you can access endless multimedia content on your mobile device, be it tablet or Smartphone. With vShare you will enjoy the best content of movies, TV shows, anime series, sports, among others.

Do you know why thousands of users prefer vShare ? It is because the design of this tool is simple and intuitive . Everything has it in the main menu! That is why it is very easy to use. Additionally, its content is very varied, whatever you are looking for, no matter what it is, you will surely find it here.

about vshare

And who doesn’t like having everything for free? Well that is what this app offers you, all the free content, you will not pay any subscription or have surcharge fees.

Best Content in one place: vShare

Never before has it been so easy to download content, as it is now with this App Market, you have everything in one click. The best series and television programs of many famous channels, including Latin. All the classics of the cinema and the latest releases of the big screen you can download them with this spectacular app.

The interface is so simple and easy to use that even children will feel comfortable looking for their children’s programs to download, such as Pepa pig and many more. It is also so nice that it will provide you with a good experience when using it.

And if you like video games , don’t worry! Here you can also download them, with the best graphics and adapted to your mobile device, Android and iOS .

And if this is not enough, it also offers the option “TV on demand” , you can request the movie or series you want to watch, including the ones that are premiering and download it. Enjoy the best fun with your friends !

Outstanding features of vShare

Its characteristics are unique, some of them are the following:

  • The design of its graphics is very high quality , so it will give you a unique experience in all your downloads.
  • It allows you to back up data . You will not lose any important files.
  • The variety of content it offers  is for all types of users: adults, youth and children.
  • It is very well organized by categories and genres through a sliding side menu.

With vShare you will have the world of entertainment in your hands, with just one touch you can have the best movies, series, programs and everything you want completely free, download it now.

How to Install vshare Without Jailbreak

vshare has stopped allowing the installation of this app, so now it requires a different method. You can easily find out from us about how to install vshare without jailbreak.

If you have any problem with the alternative method of installing Vshare , we have created this updated tutorial so you can install Vshare on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, so you can install free applications and test them before buying them.

install vshare

As I had explained to all iOS users before, we love installing apps but we don’t always want to read reviews or compare between applications so we need a method to install and test without having to return them or wait for a refund, while Apple solve that I will show you how to install Vshare without jailbreak.

How to install vshare without Jailbreak

First of all this method is compatible with:

  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus, 6/6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5 and 4S
  • iPad Pro, Air 2, Air, 4G, 3G & 2
  • iPad Mini 4, Mini 3, Mini 2, Mini

You need to know that Vshare is a software that is not approved by the App Store so the only way to install it is by methods other than those of apple so it is not legal, we are not responsible for any damage to your equipment (although we’re pretty sure nothing bad will happen)

  • The first thing you should do is open this link in safari on your iDevice
  • Once it has opened you will see a start screen, where you must choose the installation method, we will do it in the method without jailbreak as indicated
  • A pop up message will appear, asking for permission to install the application.
  • Now the application will be installed, you can see it installed on the home screen of your device
  • Once it has been installed you will see that if you try to open it it will tell you that it is not from a reliable developer or it will simply tell you to give it authorization at the moment to install a profile called vShare Store
  • Ready ! they will have installed vShare without jailbreak patra your device, now if to download.

How to Install vShare App on Any Device

Want to know about vShare which works as an application installer for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Due to the recent end of Installs, Apple users are forced to find another application that has the same characteristics and finally you found the perfect one. Here we will show you how to download and install vShare app on any device.

vShare presents some improvements related to Installous, such as reducing the waiting time to start a download. In principle this application was made especially for IOS devices and later extended to Android devices.

install vshare app

In order to install the third apps, it is better to follow the exact guidelines and maintain it to avoid any type of errors.

Processes You Must Follow to Install vShare App

  • To start installing VShare , you must insert the Cydia and click on the “Manage“ Manager ”or“ Management ”icon, in the black band at the bottom.
  • Once inside “Manager”, you must select “Sources” or “Sources”, that is, the second option.
  • To continue with the vShare installation process, click on the “Edit” or “Edit” icon in the upper right, then click on “Add” or “Manage” on the upper left
  • When you click on “Add”, a small window will appear to enter a link , where you must type repocydia.com/ (very important, without the quotes) Now click on “Add Source” or “Add Source”. Let it install, this process may take a few seconds.
  • When the installation is complete, click on “Return to Cydia” to return to the home screen . Then to install vShare on your iDevice, click on “Search” or “Search” in the lower right
  • In the search field, type the name of the program “ vShare” and it will appear just below the program, click on it.
  • Just click on the “Install” or “Install” icon, in the upper right corner, “Confirm” to confirm the installation and wait for the completion of the process. Once the installation is finished, click on “Return to Cydia” to return to the home screen, and then you can go to the main menu of your iPhone, iPad or iPod .

When you are in the menu, you will see that you already have the icon of your new vShare application, press it to open it. You already have vShare installed on your iDevice! Once in vShare, to find free applications, you just need to touch the magnifying glass, in the upper right and write the name of the program you want to search. And if you want to know other alternatives to Installs, here is a list with the best ones.


Hope you have got how to install vshare app on any device for free. Even after doig this process if you get any errors, then simply share with us using the comment box below. If you want to read more articles similar to how to install vShare, we recommend you to visit our blog vshare download and share it with your friends.

vShare Service distributed free paid iOS applications


The Chinese pirates completely let themselves go. It has long been no secret that there are ways to install pirated applications on iOS without jailbreaking. Some close, others float. In this case, talking about the vShare service . The pirates from Shanghai found a loophole in the process of creating software for the corporate sector and used it to launch their own app store.


The loophole is connected with the work of the program for developers Apple Developer Enterprise . Through this tool companies can create for their employees special applications that are distributed within the corporate network and outside the App Store. For this special certificates are acquired. So, the dodgers from vShare bought four such certificates and with their help created a separate application that works as a platform for free distribution of programs for iOS. (For Android , by the way, there is also an option).

vShare Application

The vShare application was freely available for download from the Web as long as employees at Proof point (a cyber security company) did not share this find with Apple and journalists. Supported devices with iOS 8 and iOS 9 on board. But yesterday the service was stopped by Apple, which tritely blocked corporate certificates used by scammers.

At the moment, it is not known how the distribution of applications on vShare affected the profits of their developers. It is unclear how many times and which programs are loaded through this service. But there is evidence that users have noted 1.4 million times as favorite applications such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Geometry Dash . So one can only imagine what losses their pirates suffered because of the pirates. By the way, the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition is in the App Store $ 6.99 , and the price of Geometry Dash is $ 1.99.

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It is also worth noting that in the conditions of use vShare was a mark on the topic of protection of intellectual property rights. It clarified that the creators of vShare are ready to remove from the store any application, the distribution of which may violate someone’s copyright (if you provide relevant documents confirming these rights). On the other hand, vShare employees did not intend to specifically monitor their application bank in order to identify those that are distributed illegally.

iFunbox: the Best Alternative to vShare


Introduction to iFunBox

The other day the “ifunbox” application came to my ears accompanied by “it’s like vShare” and of course, I decided to install it and try it to see how. And researching a bit and I realized that it is available for both Android and IOS, but on Android personally I am very comfortable with Aptoide and not so much in IOS with vShare.

To begin, say that the application is completely in Chinese. This is when 90% of the people who read this, will think… -Well go application shit … and they will not continue reading. If you are the remaining 10%, I will tell you that ifunbox is an EXCELLENT application and that in my opinion and from my own experience with this application has given me some great results by downloading applications.

* A note, recently there has been a Tweak that allows you to see iFunbox in English only on iPhone.

Countering the handicap of being completely in Chinese, I must say in his favor, that it is quite intuitive and that for example: even if you do not know Chinese, A magnifying glass is the same here in China and in Madagascar. With this I come to refer that within the application to find a file only you will have to hit the magnifying glass. And if you “touch” a bit the application you will realize that you do not need to know Chinese to use it 100%.


Another strong point is that it has applications that are not yet available in the Spanish AppStore. For example, in one night I downloaded completely in Spanish: Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, NBA 2k13 and Real Racing 3, the latter still does not even appear in the App Store. It seems to be more interesting now right?

About iFanbox App

With nothing else, I invite you to try it and with this iFunbox manual I will try to help you and make it easier to move around the application and thus have a better user experience.

1. To start, as always, we install the application. To install the application, from our Ipad we enter the browser vshare.

  • After entering the page to download it select the version of iFanBox for iPhone / iPod Touch or Ipad.
  • After downloading it will be installed and it will appear in the main menu of our Ipad.

2. We open the application and the following image will appear in which I show you the interface of iFanBox, very similar to that of vShare.

  • It must be said that although it is a completely Chinese application, if we carry out a search for example “Pages” we will get the search perfectly.

3. Once downloaded it will be installed automatically if it has enough space or if it does not fail.

  • If we do not have enough space we will get a pop-up that will tell us to go to settings to eliminate something.
  • If you want you can save the applications you download with iFanBox on your PC.

Possible errors and solutions with iFanBox:

The application does not install correctly or does not appear:

  • Solution1: do a Respring With SBSettings (if you do not know what it is click here )
  • Solution2: reinstall we touch on the downloaded application and reinstall

iFanBox downloads the applications and leaves them saved or not installed. It is similar to when you download a program in Windows. Therefore if we download a game that occupies 1GB and we install it, it is recommended to eliminate it from iFunBox to save space. To delete we will touch on the application that will appear in Downloads / Downloaded (as we see in the previous images) and we will touch on the red option that is nothing else to eliminate. When deleting, it will not be uninstalled, simply the application file will be erased (.ipa)

  • Solution 3: if iFunbox downloads an app but does not install it, maybe it’s because you do not have AppSync installed, that you can install it following.

4. iFanBox also has a section of updates explained in the following image

5. My recommendation with the use of iFunBox is as follows:

Leave the application open while you are downloading and if it can be without screen suspension mode and so you will not fail or stop downloading.

Save the applications you download with iFunbox on your PC or Mac so you can always have them and thus be able to install and uninstall without having to download it again. Learn how to do this HERE
In my case, when I’m going to load the ipad at night, I remove the brightness to the screen and leave the iFanBox open with several downloads and plugged into the charger. The result in the morning is having everything downloaded and the ipad with the battery 100% for a hard day.

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Since I have iFunBox I have not used vShare again since it does not pause unless you close the application and it works much better in my opinion. To others it is much better updated, as I said before, it has available in Spanish games and applications that have not even been released in the AppStore, while if you search in vShare semi-recent applications some do not appear.