Download vShare iOS 10 Complete Guide

vshare for ios 10

vShare iOS 10

Download vshare iOS 10: On Sept 7th, 2016, during the launch of the iPhone 7, iOS 10 firmware has been released. It is the latest version of iOS and it is coming officially with iPhone 7. vShare is basically an app installer, from which we can install latest or our favorite paid apps on iOS devices for free. At first, it came for only jailbroken devices but now it can be installed on non-jailbroken devices too.

You can also update your current iPhone to iOS 10 and probably some of you will have updated. The main problem with iOS 10 is that you will no longer be able to jailbreak your iOS device until a new iOS 10 jailbreak tool is released.

vshare for ios 10

Download vShare iOS 10

Without jailbreak, you can no longer access paid apps and games. Now the question is, how to access this content? vShare for iOS 10 is the answer. You can easily download paid games and apps, using vShare, without a jailbreak and for the mac devices you can download vshare for mac. vShare is fully compatible with iOS 10 firmware and can be installed and run flawlessly.

If you want unlimited coins in a game then you can use this app and get coins is pretty simple using this app. If your phone is jailbroken then you can access more features of this app. suppose, you want to access or use a paid app and you are not jailbroken. It means you have to purchase that app. Purchasing without trying is a risky thing. What if you have purchased an app and it is not that good as you are expecting? A solution to this problem is vShare. This allows you to check your app whether it is worthy or not and you can download it for free.

How to Download vShare on iOS 10

The steps that are given below will work on both 32 bit and 64-bit devices running iOS 10 and later version.

  • First, ‘Power on’ your phone and open default browser i.e. safari browser.
  • Go to
  • On the page, you will see a UP arrow at the bottom of the page. Tap it.
  • From the list of options, tap on Add to Home Screen.
  • Rename your icon to vShare and then tap on Add and, when it is complete, shut down safari.
  • Now you will see the vShare icon on your homepage.

Error Handling:

Although chances of error are less but some people have faced with an SSL error, showing, “cannot connect to ssI vshare.appvv.api”. However correcting this is an easy job.

  • Close safari down completely
  • Close any open app on your device
  • Now wait for a minute or two and try the above steps. All will be okay.

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vShare app is working only on iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. It’s a great app, especially for users, who don’t have jailbroken the phone. It’s somewhat like Black mart, which is for android. You can install all the required paid apps and all the interesting paid games for free. Remember to use vShare carefully and sensibly. Actually, the thing is, Apple doesn’t allow you to install this type of app on your iOS device but due to a loophole, discovered by developers, it is legal to download vShare ios 10. So remember to do so before Apple finds a way to patch it.

Vshare for iOS – Download Vshare for iPhone, iPad, iPod 2018

vShare for ios

Vshare for iOS: Well, as per our knowledge vShare is supported by Android, iOS and also for PC. But now let us focus on vShare for iOS. Till now there are certain outstanding apps already available in iOS. At times, we need to jailbreak the mobile and download Cydia. But remember as the jailbreaking process is not a right move.

There is a chance of losing the warranty on the device and also make it vulnerable to the numerous kind of threats. So how can you do then? Is the process easy for us? Yes, you can install the vShare iOS directly without causing any kind of errors.

vShare for ios

Just like Cydia, vShare is also the best repository and can get without jailbreaking. This lets you the access to thousands of apps/ games with no cost. Moreover, you can use the search box for looking up the number of apps you like to install. So have a look at the below instructions and enjoy by accessing to the app.

Download vShare For iOS Free:

Usually, the vShare app is compatible with any of the iPhone, iPad and also runs on iOS irrespective of version. That’s all, if you are the one maintaining any of such device, can install and enjoy the features very well. But the app does not available in app store. Not an issue.

As you can do work around and find the app successfully. Also, we have already given the download link to our official site. This might takes only a few minutes. And follow the below instructions provided to get the app without causing any kind of error.

Steps To Install vShare For iOS:

Well, follow the below instructions provided in simple steps. So that you can get the app successfully.

  • Firstly, open the Safari browser on iOS.
  • Visit our site and wait for few seconds. Once the page gets loaded, you can see the download button there.
  • Perform a single click on it and install successfully. All this is the process of getting app without jailbreaking.
  • Now you can see the prompt appearing on the screen showing two buttons install and also the cancel.
  • Click on install to get the app. Now exit from the browser and go back to home screen of your device by pressing the home button.
  • Wait for a while till the app get successfully installed on your device.
  • And then you can see the icon appearing on the screen.
  • For instance, if the app fails to install, follow the below instructions provided to complete whole installation process successfully.


How To Enable vShare iOS App On iPhone:

Follow the below instructions provided in a detailed way. So that can install the app if it fails by following above steps. As such the user will not able to access the app. And thus it, in turn, says Untrusted Enterprise Developer. But you need not worry about such issues. As you can do the simple changes and get successfully.

  • Go to Settings-> choose a general option.
  • Scroll down and choose the option known as Profiles and Device Management.
  • Now you can able to see the vShare profile on the next screen itself. Click on it.
  • And there you need to trust the vShare profile on the next screen.
  • Once you get the prompt, can click on the trust option once again.
  • Now go back to the home screen and launch the vShare successfully.


Hope you are cleared about the whole concept and downloaded the application successfully. If you like the article can share with friends/ also on social networking sites. As a result of any kind of doubts, you can drop a comment on the below section. Thank you for the visiting our vShare Download website. Stay in touch so that can get more latest updates in the fast and accurate way.