vShare Service distributed free paid iOS applications


The Chinese pirates completely let themselves go. It has long been no secret that there are ways to install pirated applications on iOS without jailbreaking. Some close, others float. In this case, talking about the vShare service . The pirates from Shanghai found a loophole in the process of creating software for the corporate sector and used it to launch their own app store.


The loophole is connected with the work of the program for developers Apple Developer Enterprise . Through this tool companies can create for their employees special applications that are distributed within the corporate network and outside the App Store. For this special certificates are acquired. So, the dodgers from vShare bought four such certificates and with their help created a separate application that works as a platform for free distribution of programs for iOS. (For Android , by the way, there is also an option).

vShare Application

The vShare application was freely available for download from the Web as long as employees at Proof point (a cyber security company) did not share this find with Apple and journalists. Supported devices with iOS 8 and iOS 9 on board. But yesterday the service was stopped by Apple, which tritely blocked corporate certificates used by scammers.

At the moment, it is not known how the distribution of applications on vShare affected the profits of their developers. It is unclear how many times and which programs are loaded through this service. But there is evidence that users have noted 1.4 million times as favorite applications such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Geometry Dash . So one can only imagine what losses their pirates suffered because of the pirates. By the way, the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition is in the App Store $ 6.99 , and the price of Geometry Dash is $ 1.99.

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It is also worth noting that in the conditions of use vShare was a mark on the topic of protection of intellectual property rights. It clarified that the creators of vShare are ready to remove from the store any application, the distribution of which may violate someone’s copyright (if you provide relevant documents confirming these rights). On the other hand, vShare employees did not intend to specifically monitor their application bank in order to identify those that are distributed illegally.

vShare Alternatives For iOS and Apps Like vShare


Apps Like vShare

vShare Alternatives: vShare is a growing installation alternative in popularity. It allows you to download cracked applications on iPhone and requires AppSync to install them.
One of its best advantages is the one-click application that is installed quickly and conveniently.

TIP: In case the vShare application is not installed and synchronized on your iPhone through iTunes, you can use i-FunBox to install the vShare application. Simply start iFunbox and connect your iOS device. Go to the iFunbox Classic tab, click on the Install Application button, then search for the vShare IPA file. This should install vShare on your iPhone without any problem.

vShare Alternatives

Alternatives to vShare Market

Check the best vshare alternatives for ios and android, windows devices.


AppCake (from iPhoneCake.com) is an active community where people share their IPA and APK files, so you can download and install them on your device.

This AppCake is the mobile version of the IPA file download website and its version 3.96 is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This alternative to Installous has a format very similar to that tool, so it does not have as many improvements as the other replacements and falls in the same errors as Installous. Even so it is a good option for those who were very used to Installous and look for something similar.


iPASTORE allows you to browse, download and install applications from ipastore.me directly on your device.


TuTuApp is like an app store to get paid applications for free, as well as applications and processed games. This application can be used in iOS versions 9.0 / 9.1 / 9.2 / .9.3 / 9.4 or higher. It also allows the user to get paid games for free, all IPA files cracked. Most people enjoy vShare, but Tutu has many options


We are before a kind of copy of the web version of the iTunes App Store. Before you start, you must have an iPad with iOS 5.0 or higher.

You must also have AppSync installed . For it:

  • Add your repository to Cydia. You just have to add one more font in Cydia with the Edit and Add button, enter the URL http://www.appaddict.org/repo . Only a few packages will be downloaded.
  • Go back to the Cydia menu and go to AppSync.
  • Choose the package for your iOS version, there are for 5.0+ or ​​6.0+.
  • We select it and we give it to install.
  • Then we give Restar Springboard.
  • Once installed all the above, we just have to go to the browser, enter the URL http://www.appaddict.org/app/ and give it to install by sliding the button. The icon will appear on the icon.

Once everything is in order we can see in the application the list of categories Apps and, in the description of each, there will be a tab that says Links. Click there and different sources will come from where to download them. To do so, follow the instructions of each website but in all cases you will have to go finally to the Installer to proceed with the installation.


iFanbox the third alternative emerged after the disappearance of Installous comes from China and is very similar to Vshare, so it has almost the same benefits. Its disadvantage is that the installer is only available in one language: Chinese.

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Zeusmos in the last place of this top 5 alternatives to Installous is Zeusmos, which offers a huge variety of free and stable payment applications, and a fast download speed. Version 3.3.0 is already compatible with iOS7 and weighs 9.54 Mb.

vShare Pro Download and Install Latest Version

vshare pro

Download vShare Pro Latest Version

As you all know that vShare app is in great demand and almost every 3rd iPhone, iPad and iPod user is dying to get the vShare app in their respective iOS devices and due to the difficulty and hindrance faced by the users while downloading this vShare app they are upset. But if you are reading this article then let me tell you that you are not going to be one to get worried or upset about vShare app as here in this article I brought you and amazing app that will definitely go to help you to install vShare on your device, so let us not waste more time and get started with the features and downloading procedure vShare pro app.

vshare pro

Downloading and Installing procedure of vShare pro:

The downloading procedure of this app is really very easy and safe as you can easily download this app by just following these steps written below and the using the help of this app you can install vShare app in your device.

But let me tell you one more thing before I start that you can’t install this app without any computer or laptop. So if you don’t have one you can grab it.

  • The first and foremost thing you need to ensure is that you should have the latest version of iTunes on your PC as well as in your IOS devices. In case you don’t have you can just install one as you will notice a pop up saying to update your software, make sure that you have a good internet connection.
  • After performing the first step now, open your browser on your PC and then type ‘VShare pro helper’ on the search bar which is located in the top or middle of your browser’s home page. And if you are using any mac computer or laptop then you might be knowing the downloading procedure as it is slightly different from this one.
  • Now after you get results for your search select the appropriate one and tap on download to initiate downloading, and the wait till the entire downloading finishes.

Download vShare Pro

  • Now run the downloaded file and you will have the VShare pro helper app on your PC or laptop and choose IPA file auto-associate and then allow it to install this app over there.
  • Now you will see that this file has automatically installed in your PC, now take out your iPhone and connect it to your PC or laptop.
  • After it is properly connected you will see a blue vShare app icon on the bottom side of your screen, tap on it.
  • You have just done a magical step by tapping on the blue icon as this will automatically install vShare on the connected device.
  • So that’s how you can install vShare app using vShare pro helper, which is really great for installing vShare without jailbreaking softwares and Cydia. Now you can simply install vShare on your phone by tapping on it and enjoy the service provided by vShare app

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Hope you have got the latest version of vshare pro for your device. You can check more articles on https://www.vsharedownload.website Also share the articles in the social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

vShare Apk Download Latest Version

vshare apk

Download and Install vshare Apk

Download vshare apk: Since we saw a complete renovation of the iOS operating system in iOS 7 every time is less frequent the use of jailbreak, as well as the importance that hackers give to be taking versions of this for each version of iOS. We can see this in iOS 10 where he has been stuck for more than half a year.

However, it is increasingly common in iOS to prefer hacked apps to be able to have extra features that initially do not let us have the developer as the example of Snapchat or Instagram have their own enhanced versions called by the same name adding “++” Here appears vshare.

vshare apk

What is vShare?

This app is not found in the App Store, because it is an app store. In it, as with Tutuapp free vip, we can download any payment application in a free, ie free, way. This is not only vShare iOS but we can also find the same application but for Android. In this case you will not have an app, but a web available for the download of apk.

Features & Highlights of vShare App:

  • Vshare has provided its users with great features in its app which are as follows-
  • The vshare has more than one million apps and games in its store which is the great variety for its users available with different categories.
  • The vshare app is very handy and easy to access. You do not need to even create an account in the vshare app and you can start downloading apps directly. The editors of the vshare team provide you with the best trending apps in the market.
  • The vshare app has a very powerful search engine. With the help of this powerful search engine, you can easily search your apps and that too with a very fast speed. All the apps you have downloaded from the vshare app will get instant updates and you can update all those apps.
  • The app has a very simple user interface and a new person dealing with the will not find any difficulty in using the app with ts optimized layout and good look.
  • This vshare app is also compatible with latest versions of ios.

How to download vShare apk

Downloading the application is quite easy. The main thing we have to do is go to the next page . Once there we simply click on download vshare . Once this is done, we will start downloading the application, later, before starting it, we have to go to settings> general> profiles and accept the developer profile of the vshare app. This process will have to be done every time an app is downloaded from the vshare app store.

download vshare apk

Once the previous steps are completed, we can download any application for iOS 11 and iOS 10 totally free. If you have any question or question do not hesitate to leave your comment.

Download the vShare App from the official website

  • With the browser of your android device go to the vshare website that is www.vshare.com .
  • When the site opens you will see different options available to you regarding the various device platforms like apple and android.
  • Tap on the android option available to you.
  • Now with the new screen, you will see the download option at the top right side of the screen
  • Tap on the download option and the app will start to download.
  • Once the download finishes go to the file manager of your android device.
  • Search the vshare app apk on the file manager.
  • Now tap on the vshare Apk file.
  • To install this vshare apk app on your device you will have to enable unknown sources to your device. For which first of all go to the settings of the device. Scroll down and search for the security option and tap it to open it. Now scroll down to look for device administration which will have an option of unknown sources. Tap the unknown sources option and enable it so that you can install the vshare apk file.
  • Now again go to the vshare app apk file and tap it to install it. After the app gets install it is ready to be used. Unable the unknown sources again when the app gets installed.

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vShare For MAC – How to Download and Install on MAC

vshare for mac

Download vShare For Mac:

Well, if you are an iPhone user then you will definitely aware of the term ‘jailbreak’, but in case you don’t then don’t worry as I am here to let you know about that. Jailbreak is generally done in an iPhone to modify your iPhone’s software and all stuff as jailbreak permits you to access some paid games for free. So that is why we have Cydia like tools, well you will be glad to know that VShare is another very amazing app for jailbreaking and you can also call it an alternate to Cydia tool.

vshare for mac

vShare for Mac Download

VShare is an amazing app that I have already told you, it is very safe and easy to download. But when we talk about downloading and installing this app in your mac Device then all we need is a VShare helper. In this article, I am going to tell you the entire procedure of downloading and installing procedure through a tutorial. So let’s get started with the tutorial.

How to install vShare on MAC:

  • Before telling you the steps let me clear one thing about VShare that it can’t be always directly downloaded from the server as sometimes you may not be able to install it like that is the reason why we have Vshare pro helper which is another app that will really help you to download VShare app.
  • The first and the foremost step is to first download and install parallel mac OS X app from the internet and then run this app. You may have to pay for this app as it is a paid app but all you can do is to install 2 weeks trial version of this app because you don’t need this app after your VShare installation.

vshare MAC

  • Now the next step is to install window inside the parallel mac OSX, now Download window 10 Tech preview in your mac PC or laptop or any other device.
  • Now you have to create an account on it, remember that you can delete this window once you will do with your goal.
  • Once you have followed all my steps and create the account too then you can go and download VShare helper directly.
  • VShare will help you to download the file of VShare on your iPhone. Along with that it also helps you to backup and stores your stuffs like files, document etc in it.
  • Now open VShare helper app it will simply let you download VShare app on your iPhone.

Well, there is one more way for installing VShare in your mac device but for that you need to first jailbreak your iPhone and then download Cydia tool and then through Cydia tool, you can download this VShare app on your iPhone.

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So this is how one can easily download VShare app by following these steps and enjoy the service provided by VShare.

Vshare App Features

If we talk about the features, then this is indeed a fantastic application. That you must have because This app has some very impressive features which would be very useful for you and what to say about its user interface!, its Graphical user interface is very different by which you can use it easily, and you can understand how to operate it quickly. So vShare is easy to use and easy to learn, and this is what the primary key of this application is. Now we gives you information about each and every feature of this vShare store app. So let’s start the talk about it, first of all for your convenience we should tell you that you can use this app not only on iOS but other platforms like Android or your computer too. In this article, we discuss you about vShare for iOS but don’t worry features are same for all of the platforms. So, these are the features of vShare for iOS.

Vshare App Apk Download ios

  • With the help of this app now you can download your apps on any of the devices whether it is Jailbroken or not doesn’t matter.
  • You can also publish your app on vShare Store without any paying any fees.
  • Vshare app can back up the data and files from your device.
  • Also the main feature of this app, which is that you can also download any paid or free app just for free.
    No need for you to worry about the copyright issues.
  • vShare app also provides you with a Backup key to getting the saved files.
    No need for the registration stuff.
  • Its Graphical user interface is different by which you can use it easily, and you can understand how to operate it quickly.
  • One of its features: is that it has the essential and jailbroken features that can make you install it directly on the device.
  • You can easily download vShare without Jailbroken (explained later in this article)

These were some of the key features of this app. Now you must be looking for a way to get this app. So, let’s talk about all the steps to download the the app on your iOS device. You can get more information on vshare from www.vsharedownload.website. Share and like this article in social networking sites.

vShare For iPhone: Download & Install vshare on iPhone

vshare for iphone

How to download and install vShare For iPhone with jailbreak

vShare for iphone or vshare iphone, also known as AppVV, is one of the best-known alternatives to the now-defunct Installs. Thanks to it, you can download and install new applications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod with jailbreak. With this tutorial you can download and install vShare on your iPhone with jailbreak.

You can download and install vshare for iphone with and without jailbreak, now here we are going to show you the method to download vshare for iphone using jailbreak.

vshare for iphone

Note this jailbreaking of your iphone will may delete all your data, sometime your data will not deleted too. So please ensure that you save all your data and then start using this process for safety. You can also see how to download vshare helper for your device.

Make jailbreak to your device

First of all, if you do not know what we’re talking about, take a look at this article that explains what vShare is and how it works .

Logically, the first step before you can download and install vShare on your iPhone or iPad is to have your Apple device released. That’s why you have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod :

  • Download the required firmware from the evasi0n website , according to your operating system. It has direct links in Box and Mega
  • If you use Windows, you must have iTunes installed
  • Obviously, you also need an Apple device with iOS 7, and a USB cable to connect it to your computer
  • Make a backup of all your data using iTunes or iCloud . If something goes wrong, you can retrieve them from here
  • Disable the lock screen pin if you use it, before installing the jailbreak
  • Do not use the device while it is being installed evasi0n7
  • If the installation stops for any reason, restart the device (pressing the power and Home buttons at the same time) and start over
  • If OS X 10.8 says that the jailbreak can not be opened, do it manually with the right mouse button
  • Connect the Apple device to the computer with the USB cable
  • Double-click on the downloaded file. It will detect the Apple model that you have installed. Press the Jailbreak button
  • Halfway through the process, it will ask you to unlock the device and touch the evasi0n icon that appears on the screen
  • A new unlocking almost at the end, will finish the installation
  • When finished, the Cydia icon will appear , which you can start up.
  • Now you can disconnect the iPhone or iPad from your computer to start using it.

If you want to jailbreak a device with iOS 6 here you have a complete tutorial this is like vshare for ios only. And if you do not know what you can do with Jailbreak installed, here are the best Cydia tweaks for iOS 7 .

Add vShare repository to Cydia

Once you have done jailbreak and you have Cydia (application similar to the App Store that allows you to search and install advanced applications) installed, you will need to search to install AppSync on your device, since it is necessary to be able to run vShare .

vshare for iphone

It can be downloaded from Cydia by adding the vShare repository ( http://repo.appvv.com ). To do this go to the menu Management> Repos> Edit> and click on add.

vshare iphone

After this process, new applications of the Cydia database will start to be displayed .

Download and install AppSync from Cydia

Find AppSync in Cydia. When you locate it, click on AppSync and install it.

download vshare for iphone

At the end of the installation your device will automatically restart. Wait for it to restart to continue with the installation of vShare.

Download and install vShare

  • Once you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod and have AppSync installed on your device it is time to install the vShare app from Cydia.
  • Again, use the search bar to locate it either as vShare or as Appvv .
  • When the installation is complete, your device will restart. just like it happened in the previous step and you will already have downloaded and installed vShare on your iPhone with jailbreak.

Installing vShare through iTunes

There is another way to install vShare on your Apple device . For this, once you have your jailbroken terminal and AppSync installed, download vShare from the application page .

vshare for iphone download

Once you have the .IPA file downloaded, add it to the iTunes library by dragging and dropping it into the program.

Now connect your iOS device to iTunes and synchronize it with the program. Once the process is finished, you will have vShare installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. More more information visit vsharedownload.website and get all the details.

Download vShare Helper tool for Windows and MAC

vshare helper

Download vShare Helper tool: Well, let us now have a look at the vShare helper tool supported by the Windows operating system. In general, all the people know about the vShare app is completely a jailbreaking process. As such this gives the whole access to all the several mods, apps, and tweaks which can be used to modify the device successfully. This helps you to download the vShare without jailbreaking so that can enjoy the features and access to the app very well.

Before going forward, the jailbreak has come with certain restrictions putting towards the iOS users and ultimately the vShare uses the lack of real escape at that moment. Moreover, is available without jailbreak. Is this is not the good news for the iOS users? Yes, AmI right. So let us go and learn some information about the vShare helper tool and its usage in a perfect way.

Several methods are going through all over the market and especially in order to get t

vshare helper

he vShare application on IOS devices. Thus this can be possible by the vShare help[er as it is simple and the easiest tool for vShare Helper.

Features of the vShare Helper application: 

Well, let us go and learn some outstanding features that it possesses. So have a look and get the file successfully.

  • vShare is one of the best iOS application markets.
  • Moreover, the user need not create the separate account to access the vShare.
  • This is one of the best app trending all over the market.
  • This is one of the updated version as no app will get crashed in that easy.
  • You can use both jailbreak and non-jailbreak devices with no other doubt.
  • This is free to download and also the user can utilize these applications likewise media, music and also the games.

Steps to install the vShare helper app:

Follow the below instructions carefully so that you can get the apk without any fail.  You should have the latest version of iTunes app, if not, that might won’t work properly.

  • Open the browser and download the vShare helper successfully.
  • Once after the download process gets completed, run the application on your device.
  • And this is completely safe and install on the system successfully.
  • So that will show the pop up on the screen and choose the exact location where you prefer to install.
  • Select the IPA file auto-associate and then perform a click on install.
  • Wait till the whole process gets completed.
  • And then you can see the screen appearing at the bottom of the right corner.
  • And finally, you are ready to install the apps.


vShare Helper Has Stopped working:

Do you face trouble in getting the same issue again and again? No problem. I am here to direct you. Perform the below steps provided in simple and clear understanding so that will definitely get rid of the issue in a very short time.

  • First, disconnect the iDevice with the help of vShare helper and try to reconnect it again and again in regular intervals.
  • Now Shut down the vShare helper and perform restart successfully.
  • Check the complete network.
  • And finally, do reboot the iDevice with no doubt.

Make a note as all these steps must and should perform with special care so that you won’t face vshare helper has stopped working issue.


Hope you are well understood about the concept. As a result, if you have any doubts, can comment on the below section. Also, help others by sharing this current article without any hesitation. Thank you for visiting. Stay in touch for more updates with vshare download.