vShare ios 9: Download and Installation Steps

vshare ios 9

Download and Install vshare ios 9

Today I come to talk about vshare ios 9, a well-known application that has served for a long time to download apps and games for free on our iOS devices , iPhones, iPads or iPods. The application has always required to have our device released, that is, with Jailbreak. But recently we can use vShare without jailbreak and download thousands of apps and games for free on our device with iOS 9 totally free.

For this I propose this tutorial where I will explain how easy it is to use vShare to download apps and free games on iOS, yes, from Apploide we recommend that if you like a game you buy it legally, for security and because you will have it for forever. Having said that, we now download Apps and Games for free.

vshare ios 9

Download apps and games for free with Vshare on iOS 9.X

1. Download vShare

The first thing we will do is download the vShare program that will allow us to install the vShare application on our device. You can download it from this link and it is currently available only in Windows.

2.- Install the desktop application

Once downloaded this step is as simple as installing any program on Windows, that yes may require some special permits, in such a case, we accept if we agree.

3.- Connect our iOS device via USB

Once the program is installed, we will connect our device via USB , which will be synchronized with vShare and this will install the application that we will later use on our device to download Apps and Games for free.

If it has not been installed when connecting our device, we can also do it manually by clicking on “Install vShare Helper” . Beware, when opening the vShare application for the first time, it will show us a message similar to “Developer not Reliable” , and we will simply go to Settings> Profiles and Devices Management> and we will trust the new profile to open the application. Anyway, we will see it in more detail below.

4.- Download Apps and Games for free with vShare

Once we have installed on our iPad, iPhone or iPod the vShare program , now we can use the application, download games and free apps and install them on our devices. Of course, you will not find 100% of the applications, but the vast majority

We will have a fairly simple menu, where we can see the latest applications and games , collections , game updates and of course a search engine where we can find our desired game.

Once we have chosen a game, we will be able to download it, and once it has been downloaded we can install it by clicking on “install” , it will ask for a confirmation for the installation

After the confirmation will happen the same as when we have installed vShare, we will have to trust the developer to open our new game or application.

For this we will go back to Settings> Profiles and Devices Management> and we will entrust the new profile to be able to use the application or game that we have just downloaded.

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It is ready, we can play our new game or downloaded app. Sometimes, when downloading some apps we will not need to trust more profiles, because the profile to be installed may already be installed. If you’re worried about the profiles a bit, you should not worry much, but if you care at all, from Apploide again I recommend buying the games that you like, since you’ll have them forever on any device, and with all the guarantees and updates.

In case a game or app stops working, you can use the Reauthorization tool , connecting your device to the PC program, or another highly recommended thing, it is to download the application that has stopped working.