vShare Service distributed free paid iOS applications

vShare Service distributed free paid iOS applications

The Chinese pirates completely let themselves go. It has long been no secret that there are ways to install pirated applications on iOS without jailbreaking. Some close, others float. In this case, talking about the vShare service . The pirates from Shanghai found a loophole in the process of creating software for the corporate sector and used it to launch their own app store.


The loophole is connected with the work of the program for developers Apple Developer Enterprise . Through this tool companies can create for their employees special applications that are distributed within the corporate network and outside the App Store. For this special certificates are acquired. So, the dodgers from vShare bought four such certificates and with their help created a separate application that works as a platform for free distribution of programs for iOS. (For Android , by the way, there is also an option).

vShare Application

The vShare application was freely available for download from the Web as long as employees at Proof point (a cyber security company) did not share this find with Apple and journalists. Supported devices with iOS 8 and iOS 9 on board. But yesterday the service was stopped by Apple, which tritely blocked corporate certificates used by scammers.

At the moment, it is not known how the distribution of applications on vShare affected the profits of their developers. It is unclear how many times and which programs are loaded through this service. But there is evidence that users have noted 1.4 million times as favorite applications such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Geometry Dash . So one can only imagine what losses their pirates suffered because of the pirates. By the way, the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition is in the App Store $ 6.99 , and the price of Geometry Dash is $ 1.99.

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It is also worth noting that in the conditions of use vShare was a mark on the topic of protection of intellectual property rights. It clarified that the creators of vShare are ready to remove from the store any application, the distribution of which may violate someone’s copyright (if you provide relevant documents confirming these rights). On the other hand, vShare employees did not intend to specifically monitor their application bank in order to identify those that are distributed illegally.

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